The Emotional Side of High Blood Pressure: Are you Stressed?

In our 5 part series on lowering blood pressure naturally, we have looked at what blood pressure is; it occurs due to a strain on the heart, which can arise from many different factors. We know that high blood pressure or hypertension affects nearly 65 million adults in the United States. Once considered an adult disease, signs of high blood pressure affect 3% of kids.

We learned that there are certain foods that can lower blood pressure, and certain nutrient deficiencies contributing to hypertension can lower high blood pressure naturally along with lifestyle and environmentally factors  The final factor that must not be over looked, especially if you are dealing with what some physicians refer to as stubborn hypertension is emotional stress.

When you are under stress, your body produces hormones that temporarily raise blood pressure. However in today’s economy most of us are stressed on a daily basis. Long term stress can cause emotional, psychological, and even physical problems as well as affect blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems. The UC  San Diego Health System is conducting a study to investigate possible reasons for increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure and how ethnicity and adversity interact in determining such risks in a population of healthy, working African Americans and Caucasians. You can find out more details here

Emotional stress is also a component in contributing to high blood pressure. Neuroimaging methods and theoretical frameworks were used in a study to understand the neurobiological or ‘brain-body’ pathways linking the central processing of psychological stressors to the regulation of blood pressure and other cardiovascular reactions implicated in coronary heart disease risk. The study suggests that exaggerated stressor-evoked cardiovascular reactions predict the premature development of high blood pressure among other aspects of developing cardio vascular disease.

The study summarizes emerging neuroimaging research indicating that individual differences in stressor-evoked blood pressure reactivity (a particular form of cardiovascular reactivity) are associated with activation patterns in corticolimbic brain areas that are jointly involved in processing stressors and regulating the cardiovascular system. Basically, the emotional stressors cannot be ignored.

What you think is what you manifest, or is it your energy is unbalanced, your chi is stagnate your chakra is crying out. Sounds crazy right? Everything on this planet is based on energy and how that energy vibrates; which is at all different frequencies. We as beings also resonate at different vibration frequencies, we respond to certain vibrations. You have within you 7 chakras also known as energy wheels. Each chakra is responsible for certain parts of the body as well as our emotional well being.

Blood pressure is connected to the fourth chakra, which is also responsible for the heart, circulatory system, ribs, breast, thymus gland, lungs shoulders, arms, hands and diaphragm1. Emotionally speaking hypertension has to do with waiting to blow up or pop; waiting for anything to happen. This stems from not resolving old traumas that is literally eating you up. By not dealing with past problems, and maybe some of them you could not because they stem from your childhood, you are seething with rage, and bubbling up waiting for the volcano to erupt- just one more trigger….

You could have unconscious anger from years of suppressing anger in fear of hurting another’s feelings, this is usually a family member or currently a spouse; and you feel that the negative emotions are better buried then dealing with. Like a volcano, eventually just the right circumstances and it will blow; over time suppression of guilt, fear, and incidents of the past results in you becoming angry towards everyone and everything. The fourth chakra is about letting go and forgiving; our breath and blood draw in Universal Love and radiate it throughout our body and outward to others. If this is possible, you live in tranquility, if you cannot, you live in anger, fear, betrayal, always looking for the injustices, seething, and ready to explode.

When you are out of balance, manifesting with hypertension, there are feelings of unworthiness, and the inability to receive love. You may feel demoralized, and want to give up on life, and feel powerless in your current situation; job, personal life, family. You cannot count on anyone and feel you have to do it all in order for it be done right…the pressure is mounting. You cannot relax, and tend to over eat. Your satiation for love comes from the food choices, usually creamy, high fat foods, except when you are in a rather difficult situation and turn to salty crunchy foods to release some of the tension. A quick fix of ice cream or French-fries, even fried chicken (foods that are counterproductive to healthy blood pressure) can sooth the fire temporarily and buy you another day in an unhappy situation.

As much as you want to be loved, you can’t be loved, and is reserved only for a few, if any, and comes with conditions. This could stem from your child hood not given the right praise for worthiness and accomplishments or parents that were expecting you to be the best projecting their over achieving behaviour onto you. These perceptions formed your essence and became your internal world shaping how you perceive the rest of your life.

Today you are angry for the inability to follow your heart’s lead, fear of betrayal, fear of emotional weakness. This leads to jealousy and anger toward others, especially those who are leading the life you wish you could. This has led you to perfectionism, to the point, no else can do it as good as you, and you work long and hard hours. There is no one you want to help you, you are in control to hide fear of dependency and domination by another and in a time-urgent stress-sensitive mode at all times. You are anxious about money, impatient, angry and trying to get through things as quick as possible to get to the next situation or task.

Getting to the root emotional causes of high blood pressure and bringing yourself back into energetic balance may be the key to controlling blood pressure, especially if you have tried other avenues and they did not work. Until you can forgive, let go and love yourself, you will continue to look for other vehicles to satiate the feelings of fear, abandonment, unworthiness and others. Once you are able to freely love, and accept love and let go of all that has caused you to bubble up in anger, you will continue to eat foods that contribute high blood pressure, which aggravates your current physical condition.

Seek out a qualified health care practitioner that can help you release emotional baggage that is in no way serving you now. Look for ways to reduce your stress, take on a project that is something you have wanted to do but didn’t think you could such as a cooking class, yoga, join a gym, go for nightly walks. The ideas are endless.

Start journaling, let the first thing that comes to mind and write until you can no longer write about it. Writing engages the heart chakra which engages your truth and aids in letting go. Before you know it not only will you be writing, but releasing all of the emotions you have been stuffing into your heart and essence.

It is time to put yourself first, and seek out some form of therapy to help you through this. You are worth it.


  1. Anatomy of the Spirit The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, Caroline Myss, PH.D Three River Press, New York

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