Nannette Jodar’s thoughts on trust.

Jesus, my favorite guide, had become my best leading man and dance partner.

Friends, family and acquaintances had, and will, come and gone in my life as time
passed, but it always came down to Jesus never letting go of my hand.

He had always held on tight to always protect me in my dance of life against stumbling,
falling, or backing into something I shouldn’t.

He had guided me through the dance steps of my life He had wanted me to take, taught me new ones along the way, and helped me to avoid stepping on His toes.

I knew my guide, Jesus, would never let go and would always, always continue to hold me once my soul gave up this body, this temple. He will never give up on me and will always be there holding my hand in this journey of life, as He had always been.

I have totally learned to trust Him in our dance together. I have complete confidence that God will always guide me in everything I do. Sometimes other people had thought I was crazy, but Jesus had been my best guide ever!

There had been times I thought the actions He wanted me to do were crazy; but I trusted Him. Kept my faith in Him. I did it, not always knowing why, and He always came through for me.

In His infinite sense of humor, He sometimes came through at the very last possible moment in time. For instance, there was a day in 2009 that my daughter and I had no planned place to stay. Literally, as we were setting our carry-on bags down on the seats in the boarding area of the plane for our flight, a friend of mine that I had not spoken with for several weeks called me on my cellular phone. She stated, “I had a feeling to give you a call to see how things are going?” I told her, “My daughter and I are heading out to Phoenix as we speak. We are setting down our bags in
the airport at the very moment that you called! How are you?” My friend then asked, “Do you need a place to stay?” “Actually, I do. I hadn’t made reservations for anywhere yet. I thought I would take care of that while we waited at the airport for our flight.” There couldn’t have been a better hotel than the home of my friend. God bless her!

At those moments, I think He was really testing my trust in Him caring for me and watching my back! After all, if you let God in, He will guide your steps in your dance of life. He will hold you safe.

Let Him be your dance lead for all your ballroom and sock-hop dances.

Nannette Jodar

Author, Speaker and Personal Private Secretary to Spokeswoman to Queen Kanelechi special contributor to KarenLangston.com
Photos: Moi Cody


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  1. Carolyn August 23, 2011 at 4:07 am #

    Nannette, great post. God always supplies our needs.

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