Sore throat or sore ANGER in your throat

How did you get so disconnected?

I have been witnessing so much of this lately that it is making me really really REALLY sad. That sadness sends me journaling to get to the real root of my sadness and it comes down to my frustration at not being able to change the world (and wanting to change the world could probably equate to not living up to my own expectations; more journaling and self expression needed on that subject but, not today).

I wonder what goes through the minds of our great leaders who are trying to change the world. How do they deal with sadness and disconnect? They must have sadness right? Or maybe they come to a similar solution as I; to change the world starts with one persona at a time. I suppose this is why I am compelled to write this in the hopes that maybe one person out of thousands will read this and, be inspired to change something within them to end their pain and suffering.

My stepdaughter came over yesterday and was talking up a storm about studying nursing; it was so nice to see her excitement, passion and enthusiasm about her future. I am so drawn to that type of energy and truly was sharing in her passion and positiveness. She was also struggling once again with another cold. School started a month ago and she was frustrated at being sick four times in such a short period of time; and her positive chatter quickly turned to anger.

Her anger was at her throat and her tonsils because every time she gets sick, in her words (with growing rage and anger) “it is my f***ing tonsils and I want them the f* out. It is stupid to be sick all the time and I don’t have time for this, besides we don’t need our tonsils and people get them removed all the time. It is so f*ing annoying!”

I was so sad and yet angry at the complete disrespect for her connection with her own body (my anger from my own frustration with not being able to ‘change the world’). I piped in with what I tell my clients; “you have to take a look at what you are doing, how much you are sleeping…” and (on a personal level) “you do bite your nails and always have your hands in your mouth…..” To which she interrupted with explosive anger turning to rage “I don’t do that anymore and so you can take that and shove it up your f-ing ass.”

I was shocked at the amount of displayed anger and rage. I felt such sadness because here is a young woman standing in front of me so beautiful and yet so ugly-angry on the inside. I tried to reason with her to look at all aspects such as sleep, food choices and so on. She could only accept sleep and then quickly retorted that sleep should have nothing to do with it. The solution was her tonsils because “that is where it starts every time….we don’t need them and I want them the fuck out.”

The way I look at it is this; we need proper sleep to allow our body to detoxifying and rebuild cells during the night to keep our immune system strong. Food choices such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, quality protein such as non GMO grass fed pasture raised meat and poultry and fish to provide our body with the necessary nutrients we need on a daily basis to allow our cells to replenish. We need water to flush out daily pollutants, and cellular waste and fermented foods or at the very least probiotics to keep our gut health-our first line of defense working optimally. This is the physical foundation for health and wellness that is so simple it can aid in the prevention of disease, illness and cancer. It is not about cutting body parts out rather, working on harmony with what your body needs to run properly to serve you properly.

Tuning in and asking a simple question is all it may take to really know what is going on within. What am I not accepting within me? Or in the case of my step daughter “what is really making me angry?”

A sore throat is the emotional connection to the throat chakra which is about speaking and expressing your authentic voice, speaking your truth, sharing truth, personal integrity and honor and the ability to listen deeply to another.

What are you not speaking up about?


So, my questions to any one dealing with throat issues is simple;

What are you not speaking up about?

What are you afraid to speak up about?

Why is your voice not being heard?

What are you sore about?

What is irritating you?

Throat issues in general is about grief and rage stemming from suppression of not being heard. There is intense grief and sorrow from having to suppress what you really feel due to upsetting the balance of home life. When you expressed your thoughts feeling or your authentic self as a child (as children innately do) it was met with criticism and ridicule stemming from a repressive and suppressive mother figure. You learned it was easier to gag your thoughts and feelings than to deal with such hurtful backlash.

You learned to suppress your creativity and the very essence of who you are. This has led to the thought process that expressing yourself will result in someone abusing or misusing what you feel. This leads to burst of anger towards those you view as an authority figure; a learned defense mechanism to protect yourself against abuse or misuse of your own thoughts, creativity and feelings.

Laryngitis is the direct fear of speaking up and being afraid to ask for what you want because what you say may be used against you. There is a fear of criticism or personal attack, especially when expressing your authentic self. This stems from a period of time (usually childhood) when self expression, needs and desires were not met. You have feelings of not being heard or respected which leads to built up anger and resentment.

When presented, or challenged by authority figures your anger comes forward as a defense mechanism triggering experiences from your past protecting you agains what you assume will be similar results; you will not be heard and possibly ridiculed for what you really want to say. So, what have you wanted to speak up about? What do you want to express? What do you think? What are your desires?

Cutting out tonsils: Problem solved or RED ALERT?


Your tonsils are apart of your lymphatic system and are your body’s first line of defense destroying potential pathogens, bacteria and viruses that you breathe in or take in through your mouth that could make you sick. Your tonsils are there for a reason. They are not extras or something to cut out; they work in unison with your immune system to keep you healthy.

On an emotional and energetic level problems with tonsils again is an “expression-anxiety.” Living in fear of self expression and feeling vulnerable to sharing creativity and true emotions. Repression of anger, fear and other feelings is easier; swallowing suppression although painful is easier than the fear of ridicule or an attack.

Is my step daughters body talking to her? You bet; LOUD AND CLEAR. Physically cutting out fear of expression will it somehow release her from her deep seated fears? Or is this the final expression of her body trying to get her to let go of past events? Will removing her tonsils forever free her of sore throats? No it will not. More than this, will removing her tonsils change the situation in her home life? No it will not.

Tune in and hear what your body is trying to tell you

We are meant to live in harmony within ourselves, with nature and with others. Our body is designed to send out messages for us to tune in and fix or reset the balance in a peaceful and harmonious way. We are not meant to “attack, destroy, kill or surgically” remove what is not working for us-that is a cop out; sticking-your-head-in-the-sand syndrome; the easy way out, not having to take responsibility, not having to face and conquer inner fear.

If we could take the time to reflect and go within ourselves to resolve our inner conflicts we could cut down on symptoms of illness including disease and cancer. We are a biochemistry lab. Each of us has a different chemistry makeup and what makes us tick is unique. Our life experiences are unique. What we share is the ability to go within and resolve past issues to freely live the life we want. The only person who holds you back is you.

So what is your body trying to tell you?

Explore this further… allow your body to pick up the phone and set up a consultation with me. Get balanced and live in harmony so that you can spread your gifts and joy with others; I want to hear what you and your body have to say. Your life is waiting!

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Dubbed the Poop Queen by the thousands of students Karen Langston is an Internationally recognized Certified Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Nutrition Education, training and development for Network Marketing Professionals to Health Coaches the keys to unlocking better health and increased energy for their clients by understanding how digestion, detoxification, vitamins and minerals work in the body and the importance of having a good poop.


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2 Responses to Sore throat or sore ANGER in your throat

  1. Lynn Stone September 26, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    Good Day Karen,

    I read your article and was taken aback that you included the profuse language that your step daughter used. It should have been left out of your article.

    As a natural health care practitioner it is important for you to reflect all the good and positive aspects of healing and use words that will vibrate with your good healing intentions. You were focused on all of the negative aspects.

    Help her to build up her immune system. Make sure she is maintaining the ideal balance of good gut bacteria as it forms the foundation for good health-physical, mental and emotional. Include a full range of B vitamins for stress

    Also your liver is the seat of anger and maybe, you could support her with a liver cleanse.

    Remember words are energy and will vibrate their intentions.

    Health and happiness


    • Karen Langston September 26, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

      Hi Lynn

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I am not one to use profanity and since it was my own blog and not an article I wanted you to feel the shock I felt. Because I was shocked at the behavior and I see exactly as you say “words are energy and will vibrate their intentions.”

      You clearly picked up on the energy and that is what I wanted. What I hope is that others who are not in the alternative or integrative realm to pick up on it, relate and do somehting about it. That is my intention… and my internal intention is to always come from a place of love, light and gratitude…and I was grateful for this learning moment.

      I am happy that you too could see the effects and that she is need of much support. Some teenagers more TLC than others. Part of that TLC is to learn to tune in and really understand what is going on and release the imbalance and come from a place of love and light. Thanks for sharing.
      In Munay

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