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Healthy Gut Advisor; Does farting have to do with pooping?

As a Healthy Gut Advisor trainer and as the Poop Queen I get tons of questions everyday from those with farting and pooping problems along with the innocent question combing the two; does farting have to do with pooping? Those who know me know I work from the premise that a healthy gut is a healthy person! […]

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Network Marketing Tips

So, you want to be a Network Marketing Professional? Your first steps start with network marketing tips that will help you succeed. There are a ton of network marketing tips out there but the simplest one starts with learning all that you can to become the expert. The first step for network marketing success starts by […]

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Are microbiota good or bad

Are microbiota good or bad

The question I get the most as a nutritionist and a trainer is are microbiota good or bad and, there seems to be much confusion. In my Healthy Gut Advisors Training we talk a lot about the microbiota and spend a great deal of time learning whether or not microbiota are good or bad as well as the benefits of microbiota, […]

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Healthy Gut Advisor

The Healthy Gut Advisor Training is quickly becoming the number one program for Health Wellness consultants, Network Marketing and Health Professionals who want to understand digestion. While still on a high from the training I send out a questionnaire to capture my students opinions on what they liked and did not like so it is still fresh […]

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Lower Blood Pressure Through Breath

Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Stress with the power of Breath When you don’t manage stress effectively you place an unnecessary burden on the one muscle that keeps you alive: the heart. When you’re stressed, your body goes into “fight or flight” response. The brain releases hormones that cause your heart to pump faster, thicken your […]

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Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Mighty Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Inside a lumpy, thick-skinned pomegranate you’ll find a treasure of jewel-like arils-ruby seeds surrounded by sacs of flavorful juice. Pomegranate is both richly sweet and tart and exceptionally refreshing. Savor the flavor by eating the arils by the spoonful, adding them to salads or to a bowl of Greek yogurt. Any […]

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Healthy Heart

Secrets to a Healthy Heart Long before the ancient Greek surgeon Galen carried out meticulous dissections of the heart, the Egyptians wrote about health and disease in relation to how the heart “speaks in vessels” with the rest of the body. Today, physicians may not associate the heart with the soul (or soul mates), but […]

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What sage can do for you

Clear Your Mind with Sage (Salvia officinalis) Sage, with its woody stems, grayish leaves, and lovely purplish-blue flowers, is a native perennial of the Northern Mediterranean coast and an herbal member of the mint family. If you’re only familiar with Sage for seasoning savory dishes, you’re missing out on a fascinating botanical remedy. Ancient Greeks […]

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Balanced Intestinal Flora and Probiotics

Probiotics and Balancing Intestinal Flora With 80% of your immune system located in your gut, having balanced intestinal flora is a major factor in defending your body against disease. Balanced intestinal flora is critical to the functioning of the immune system, synthesis of nutrients, and detoxification. Balanced intestinal flora is also necessary for regular and normal bowel […]

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What Happens in the Large Intestine

What happens in the large intestine Information about the large intestine seems to focus on colon cancer, colon polyps and colon cleanse; a result of the break down of the intestine. In order to understand how things can go wrong in the colon, first, we must understand what happens in the large intestine. In my Healthy […]

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